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Getting Started Guide

There is a lot to consider when building your dream barndominium, or any post frame structure. In this guide we will give you some insight on the entire process and also ensure you have everything you need before your consultation appointment.

Consultation Checklist

Before scheduling your consultation appointment, it is important that you have everything ready so we can ensure you get the most out of your appointment. If you’re ready to schedule your appointment you can do so by clicking here!

Finding & Securing Land

Before your consultation you should at the very least have land under contract. This helps us when determining your needs while designing and quoting out your new home.

Determine Your Home Size

In order  for us to accurately quote you or start the process, it is important to have a general idea of how large you are wanting your home to be. You should also decide how much is living space.

Architectural Drawings

While this isn’t required for your first consultation, before we can provide you with a final estimate, it is important to have architectural drawings for your home. This allows us to ensure nothing is missed on our behalf.

Basic Steps of The Barndominium Process

Zoning & Planning

Make sure your property is suitable for the type of building and everything is able to be permitted. 

Finding A Lender

Post frame build homes sometimes pose additional challenges when getting a loan.

Sourcing Contractors

Ensure you have all of your required vendors lined up to help avoid any delays in construction.

The Building Process

There are several steps required to build your dream barndominium, but we assure you they’re worth it!

Have Additional Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page which you can visit here, or use one of the buttons below to go to a specific part of the frequently asked questions. If you still have any additional questions, feel free to send us a message or give us a call!

Site & Prep Questions

Questions regarding getting your site ready for a barndominium.

Product Questions

Questions regarding our product offerings and delivery.

Other Questions

Questions pertaining to other parts of the barndominium process.