Hickory Ridge

A Classic Country Feel!
Available Sizes

  24′ x 40′ (960 sq. ft.)

  24′ x 50′ (1,200 sq. ft.)

  24′ x 60′ (1,440 sq. ft.)

  30′ x 50′ (1,500 sq. ft.)

  30′ x 60′ (1,800 sq. ft.)

  All Sizes Include a 6′ x 20′ Front Porch

Optional Add-Ons

  24′ x 24′ Carport (Connected to Home)

Price Starting At
* Pricing Excludes Doors, Windows, HVAC, Plumbing, Shipping, & Tax.
What Sets The Hickory Ridge Kit Apart

The Hickory Ridge barndominium kit allows for you to enjoy the benefits of a post frame construction home, while also staying true to the old school country feel. This specific kit is best recognized by it’s massive front porch and breezeway. Thanks to this kit’s exceptionally large outdoors covered area, you have plenty of room to entertain both inside and outside of the house.

In addition to featuring several classic styling characteristics, the Hickory Ridge barndominium is available in multiple different sizes to best accommodate your needs and family size. For more information on availability of the Hickory Ridge kit, send us a message!

Quick Turn-Around Time

In as little as 4 to 6 weeks you could easily have everything that you need to start the construction of your brand new barndomonium!

Made To Order In-House

All of our kits are manufactured in-house, meaning we can easily accommodate design changes to meet your specific needs!

No Middle-Man

Being manufacturer direct, you spare yourself the middle man markup. This allows for us to deliver a better product at a comparable price!

We Stand Behind It

Being a family owned and operated company means we take pride in our work. This means we stand behind the materials in each kit we sell!

Where Do I Get Started?
When it comes to taking the next steps towards building your dream barndominium, there are a lot of things you must consider. We understand that everybody is at a different point in their journey of building their dream home. This is why we have put together a helpful getting started guide to help you either get started or take the appropriate next steps. To check our our getting started guide, click the button below!

The Barndominium Process

Blueprints & Planning

Each Barndominium is Unique and Your Custom Blueprints and Plans Are A Big Part Of Your Planning Stages.

Quotes & Contract

With Plans In Hand, We Can Go Through Your Needs and Put Together The Perfect Kit For Your Barndominium.

Site Prep & Concrete

Your Barndominium Kit Is Getting Prepared, Now Is Time To Have Your Site Prepped and Concrete Poured.

Shipping & Delivery

Depending Where You're Located, We Can Delivery or Help Arrange Delivery Through A Freight Provider.

Posts & Framing

When A Dream Becomes Reality, The Framing Goes Up Quick With Our Pre-Built Trusses.

Roofs & Siding

Whether You Do Metal Siding or Any Other Option, This Is When Your Barndominium Begins To Take It's Final Form.

Final Finish

Now That Your Home Is Protected From The Elements, It Is Time To Do All Of The Interior Finish Work.

Moving Day

Your Barndominium Is Finally Finished! Enjoy Your New Home and Make Tons of Memories.