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Site Prep & Installation

No, we do not offer installation service. However, we are more than happy to provide a list of installers we have previously had success working with.
Our pricing does not reflect delivery or installation costs. For installation pricing you will need to reach out to the installer of your choice.

When preparing your graded site, it is important to factor in all porches, patios, and carports into the overall dimensions. We recommend that you make your graded site a minimum of 3’ wider than the overall building size.

We recommend that you set your 6×6 posts first in order to provided the concrete contractor with a set dimension to work off of. However, posts can be added after the slab has been poured using our post collars.
In almost all counties they will require for a permit to be pulled in order to build a barndominium. To find out the permitting requirements, you will need to contact your local zoning and planning department. Additionally, some counties may have additional restrictions for this style of home construction.
Generally the posts will go 3’ in the ground. However, additional depth may be required depending upon the structure and post length. A general rule of thumb is that 20% of the total post height should be below the ground. Additionally, these posts should be in a hole with an 18” diameter.
If you don’t want to leave the trusses exposed, and want more of a finished look, you can frame them in so they are concealed beneath sheetrock.
We recommend that our customers do a minimum of a 6” slab. However, you can always make your slab thicker for added strength. Additionally, if you are having a large shop portion it might also be worth considering if you might add any heavy equipment or lifting apparatus at a later date that may require an even thicker slab or additional footings.
When installing the paneling on your barndominium or metal building, you should always install the roof panels before installing the wall panels.

Product Related Questions

Yes, however it is NOT engineer printed. We are able to work with the engineer for an additional cost in order to accommodate this request.

Gable – 60’
Lean-To/Shed – 30’
Header – 24’
Snoot – 2’ to 6’

The overhang on these trusses are 16”.
Yes, all of our metal is 3’ wide and is able to be cut at any length required.
We offer 17 different colors in 29 gauge metal, and a limited selection of colors in 26 gauge metal.
No, however we do carry standard sizes in windows, doors, and roll-up doors (10×10 & 12×12). However, for any opening we would need the dimensions so we can provide the correct amount of trim metal for that opening.
Trusses, 2×6 Purlins, 2×6 Wall Girts, 6×6 or 8×8 Posts (Depending on the size of the truss), metal panels for the roof & walls, metal trim, R-10 Insulation (Roof Insulation Only), screws and hardware.
Both of these brackets are acceptable methods to attach posts to a slab. The wetsuits have a welted rebar section attached to anchor them into wet concrete. The post collars are bolted onto an already cured concrete pad and a footer is required.
Our 6×6 Posts aren’t laminated, they are made of solid southern yellow pine.
Post protectors act as a sleeve for the 6×6 posts that get set into the ground. They help protect the wood from premature decay. The post protectors are 60” tall and may be visible above ground. These are not required, however, they are recommended when it comes to prolonging the life of your building.
One roll of insulation will cover a total of 750 square feet.
No, if you wish to insulate a standing roof kit the insulation rolls must be purchased separately.
All of our trim comes in 10’ lengths. As for trim being kept in stock, we generally stock most of our trim options. However, if you would like to check the availability of a specific trim, please give us a call or send us a message.

Our roof pitches vary depending on the type of building and roof style. Below we have included our standard pitches by type. Different pitches are available upon request, simply ask us if your desired pitch is possible by giving us a call or sending us a message.

Gable: 4/12 Pitch  |  Gambrel: 4/12 & 12/12 Pitch  |  Lean-To: 2/12 Pitch

Yes, each of our trusses are manufactured with 18” of overhang. For example, if you were to order a building with 24’ trusses, each truss would be 24’ in length, plus the additional 18” overhang.
Yes, our colored metal roofing includes a 40-year warranty, and our Galvalume roofing has a 25-year warranty.
Unfortunately, R&R Iron Works doesn’t provide a warranty on these products. However, the vendors who provide our doors and windows may offer various warranties depending upon the product. If you’re interested in finding out warranty information on a specific product, contact us and we will help get you the warranty information from the vendor.

Additional Questions

Yes, we have engineer prints for both residential and agricultural purposes.
We are able to provide you with a post layout.
Yes, we offer delivery on our products. We have delivered our products all over the eastern side of the United States, but we can also work with customers who are further away. For specific questions regarding delivery please give us a call or send us a message.
Yes. The amount of the delivery charge is dependent on the location along with the number of loads required.
No, the customer or installer is responsible for unloading all materials. In order to have materials delivered certain equipment requirements must also be met in order to avoid having to return the shipment to our facility and cost you more money.
The most common pieces of equipment used for offloading are skid steers or tractors with forks. The equipment must have a minimum of 55 horsepower and have adequate lifting capacity for the materials. Additionally, a qualified operator must be available to run the equipment.
Our standard eave wall height is 12’, however, we are able to go up to a 20’ eave height.
Yes, it is possible to cover existing asphalt shingles with metal roofing. In order to do this you would need to apply 1”x4” furring strips along the roof and the metal roofing would be attached directly to the strips.
A great alternative to using the R-10 insulation is to use open cell spray foam insulation.
We recommend that you keep all of the lumber covered until it is installed. If you have a way to do so, we recommend keeping all materials covered. This helps ensure that nothing is damaged, scratched, or bent. However, please be advised that we can also hold all materials at our facility until the installer is ready to begin the project.
Yes, if you wish to install plywood under your metal roofing panels for additional support that is fine.

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