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What Information is Needed When Ordering?

  • Dimensions of Building
  • Building Type (Open or Enclosed)
  • Eave Height / Wall Height
  • Post Spacing (8′, 10′, or 12′ on Post Spacing)
  • Colors (Wall, Roof, & Trim)
    • Two colors are included, adding more might result in a price increase.
  • Windows, Walk-In Doors, & Roll-Up Doors (If Required)
  • Additional Customizations
    • Roof Pitch
    • Roof Style (Gambrel, Gable, or Lean-To)
    • Wainscotting
    • Slab or In-Ground Posts
  • Pickup or Delivery
    • If R&R Iron Works is delivering, appropriate offloading equipment is required. There must be a tractor, skid steer, fork lift, etc. with forks that is capable of lifting up to 1500 lbs and has a minimum of 55 Horsepower.
  • Payment Method
    • Mailed Check, Credit Card (Phone), or in-person at R&R Iron Works.
    • All Credit Card Transactions are Subject to a 3% Service Charge.